About Breathe

Breathe is a unique counselling and wellbeing space in Cardiff.

It’s been created by the pioneering mental health charity, Gofal, which has been supporting people’s wellbeing and mental health in Wales for almost 30 years.

Breathe is staffed by a team of professional counsellors, all of whom are BACP registered, each providing a tailored counselling approach.

We believe talking therapies are as important for wellbeing as exercise and mindfulness, so we’ve created a space for it all. 

Breathe is a unique venture, offering counselling services, therapies, classes and mental health workplace training.

Places to talk. Ways to connect. A space to breathe. Breathe is part of Gofal, the charity thinking differently about mental health. All profits will be reinvested into Gofal’s work - sustainable mental wellbeing for all.

Why Breathe?

To breathe is to live - it’s fundamental to our existence and the foundation of all human life.

To breathe deeply is the first step in any wellbeing journey. That first deep breath is where we start - we can’t do anything else without it. It’s that important.



Our Logo

Our brand and logo were designed by The Social Club around a concept of openness, wellness and space.

A circle - because we’re a Gofal project and profits from counselling and training are invested back into the charity.

The ragged edges represent the chaos we can sometimes feel going on inside our minds.

The inner circle is the clarity and connection we can find when we start to breathe.


Talk to Us
Find out more about our team of friendly counsellors in our Cardiff space