Jason Beuschel

BSc (Hons) Systemic Counselling; Levels 2, 3, 4 Counselling; MBACP.
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What I do: I specialise in working with individuals who present with a wide range of mental health, practical living problems and issues that include depression, stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, relational problems and loss and bereavement.

My approach: Conversation and dialogue in a safe, discreet and confidential environment. I work within a creative integrative counselling approach that harnesses ideas from brief solution-focused therapy, Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) person-centered and systemic and relational approaches. I support a notion that any counselling help given to a client should not necessarily be influenced by the constraints of one particular idea or approach, I therefore work in an adaptable and fluid way that suits the client’s needs.

How it works: Counselling is always about good listening, however I additionally use a dialogical approach and actively engage with the client in confidential conversations to explore the client’s issues and goals and find ways to encourage and promote the changes they may seek.

How it may help: Solutions and change can take many forms. They include helping clients to reframe and think differently about difficult past, present and worrying future events in ways which alleviate stress and worry, encourage better ways of coping, improve relational issues and of course help the client make positive and practical improvements and changes to current and future living.

A bit about me: I place great emphasis upon being active to encourage wellbeing. I’ve instructed and train in the spiritual martial art of Aikido and am a performing musician. Counselling affords creativity which appeals to my nature.

A photo of Jason Beuschel